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  • Homepage | Michael Loebs for California Governor

    01 Register to vote as CNP Help us reach qualified status and register to vote as "California National Party" 02 Volunteer We are a grassroots, all-volunteer organization. Work with us to help make this new California a reality. 03 Shop FreeTheBear.Store Find clothing, posters, mugs, and bags, with all proceeds supporting the California National Party 04 Make a donation Our party is not backed by any corporations or political special interests, but funded exclusively by our supporters. 05 Join us at one of our meetings & Events We host monthly in-person and virtual meet-ups as well as an annual convention. How to get involved? What YOUR party Stands For! The California National Party seeks to build a stronger and more prosperous California through local political empowerment, protection of individual rights, and encouraging social responsibility to maintain a rational, respectful, peaceful, and sustainable society. Learn more Miy 26 Okt 26 Miy Okt Monthly SoCal Zoom Meet-up Maraming Petsa RSVP Okt 26, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Monthly SoCal Zoom Meet-up Every month our SoCal members get a chance to meet-up via Zoom©. Lin 30 Okt 30 Lin Okt Monthly Sacramento Meet-up Maraming Petsa RSVP Okt 30, 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM Sacramento, 3514 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95817, USA An In-person meet-up open to all members and the public, but geared towards the bi-county region of Sac and Yolo. Subscribe Wala pang napa-publish na post na nasa wikang ito Manatiling nakatutok...

  • LC Elections 2022 | Vote CNP

    Official Ballot Please only submit one ballot. Chair Serves as Parliamentarian and is the highest elected official of the CNP and coordinates party activities to best support the growth and development of the party. Sean Forbes No Candidate VICE-Chair Serve as the chair for all official business of the CNP if the Chair is not available and helps coordinate party activities. Yvonne Hargrove No Candidate Treasurer Prepares regular reports on the income and spending of the CNP and Ensures proper compliance with all spending and fundraising laws. Lyra Porcasi No Candidate County Chapter Coordinators Help grow all regional chapters and build central committees in any county that currently lacks one. Bill Skog (Northern) No Candidate (Northern) Secretary Records all National Party Proceedings and provide summaries and records, including vote tallies, of those proceedings pursuant to relevant protocols. David Lescure No Candidate External Communications Coordinator Directs all social media, press communications, and public advocacy of the CNP. Theo Slater No Candidate Bradlei Smith (Southern) No Candidate (Southern) Proposal for 2022-23 party platform Read it Here Approve the Currently Proposed Platform Disapprove of the Currently Proposed Platform Submit Thank You for Voting!

  • About | Vote CNP

    About the cnp The California National Party was founded in 2015 with the aim of forging and supporting California-focused solutions to the issues that face our home. We are united behind a platform of economic growth that serves all our people, with the protection of our rights, resources, wealth, and natural environment. While our long-term goal is complete political independence for California, our immediate aims are to fight for full access to housing, healthcare, and political representation for all Californians. To this end, we are currently seeking qualified status with the California Secretary of State. Click here to learn more about party qualification and voter registration. Until then, the California National Party intends to run candidates, especially at the local level, who will advance our policies and foster the strengthening of our California identity, all while working within our communities to make the lives of all Californians better today. Please join us in helping to build a better future for California! Our Core Values Individual rights & Social responsibility The rights, language, culture, and history of the individual must be respected and protected from intrusion by the state, as well as other individuals. All individuals have equal rights to choose how to live their own lives, and the social responsibility to accept the rights of all other individuals to do the same.

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