Our 2020 Party Platform

The California National Party was founded in 2015 to advocate purely for the people of California, without needing to compromise with far-off regions that share little of our culture and values. We are a diverse group representing a wide range of interests and beliefs, and so we have worked hard to craft a platform that reaches a broad consensus on a number of important issues.

Our platform is divided into ten planks. Below is a brief summary of each, or you may view the full 2020 Platform here

Civil Rights

Protection for all people from discrimination and harassment. Guaranteed reproductive rights and care. Programs to address structural racism and the exploitation of First Nations. Inclusion and protection of seniors, people with disabilities, those dealing with housing insecurity, and other populations vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.


Universal Basic Income and tax reform, with a negative income tax. A California public bank with accounts for all residents, overseeing an Office of Innovation to spur future technologies and Equity Fund for investment in community-owned businesses. Net neutrality, copyright reform, worker protections, regulation, and protection of the legal cannabis industry. Oil extraction tax, with a reduced state gas tax.


Free preschool, smaller class sizes for K-12, programs to ensure college accessibility to all students, a California History requirement, and bilingual education for all. Guaranteed transfers from high schools and community colleges for good students, and a reduction in the cost of postgraduate degrees. Funding for the arts, increased support for educators, as well as paid family leave.


Expand the cap-and-trade system to more domestic and international allies. Conduct a feasibility study on ways of dealing with sea-level rise. A transition toward a circular economy where possible. Bans on bee-killing pesticides and an emphasis on local-based agriculture. Elimination of certain extraction and forestry methods.


Simplify existing medical programs in California into a Medi-Cal-for-all system. Greater healthcare access for rural communities and all other traditionally underserved communities in California, with emphasis on preventative care. Tax credits for caregivers to sustain multi-generational communities.

Housing & Infrastructure

Expanding access to housing and improving housing affordability, with an emphasis on mixed-use development near transit corridors. Improving public transportation, including high-speed rail. Transition to a post-carbon energy generation. Break up PG&E, with California-owned transmission grids and locally controlled distribution grids. Building desalination capacity to generate freshwater.


Humane immigration policies, no wall, no use of state employees for federal immigration enforcement, and expanded guest worker programs formulated by each county to meet its needs. Creation of a California residency permit program regardless of United States immigration status.

Legislative & Electoral Reform

End corporate personhood. Campaign finance reform with contribution limits by individuals and corporations. Instant runoff voting. Convert the Senate to proportional representation, and add members to the Assembly.  Give more power to counties and encourage them to work together on common regional challenges.

Rule of law

Protection of privacy and “right to be forgotten” from public sites. End mass government surveillance, particularly those targeting members of specific ethnic or religious groups. Criminal justice reforms, especially the bail system, with the elimination of qualified immunity and transfer of funding to non-police agencies. Gun regulation by county with a state licensing system, similar to automobiles. Decriminalize recreational drugs and ban civil forfeiture.

Autonomy & Independence

Protect and expand California’s existing autonomy with increasing moves toward true sovereignty. The transfer from the federal government of all land within California’s borders. Implement a California national service program. Call a constitutional convention to improve the California Constitution in ways that encourage and build toward independence for the California Republic with the consent of the United States.