Michael Loebs is a child of two Alameda county natives and has lived in California his entire life. From his father's family, who have been in the East Bay for well over a century, Michael learned about the culture, history, and complexity of his home. From his mother's parents—immigrants from Guangdong whose children and grandchildren have almost entirely remained in the Bay Area—he was taught that California is a land of possibilities. At the age of fifteen, Michael began over a decade of work in the computer industry as a programmer before leaving to pursue graduate studies in political science. After receiving his M.A., he began teaching as a lecturer at San Francisco State University in 2013. He joined the California National Party in 2016 and was first elected its chairperson in 2019.

As a political organizer, Michael has developed and demonstrated the skills necessary to bring people with different viewpoints together to accomplish shared goals. He has spent his entire adult life as a student and educator of the political world. With his background in the tech industry, he has seen both the potential and problems that have accompanied California's economic changes over the last several decades. As an entrepreneur seeking to open a small business in this post-pandemic environment, he knows all too well how government behavior can help or harm the growth of local, community-based commerce. Living for over two decades as a renter, Michael understands how the insecurity of our current housing crisis impacts our lives. And as an everyday Californian, he has watched in the last year as some friends and family have been unemployed for months, while others have worked and traveled in hazardous conditions with little to no support from our government.

California can and must do better. We ask you to join Michael Loebs and the California National Party in building a better California together!