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About the cnp

The California National Party was founded in 2015 with the aim of forging and supporting California-focused solutions to the issues that face our home. We are united behind a platform of economic growth that serves all our people, with the protection of our rights, resources, wealth, and natural environment. While our long-term goal is complete political independence for California, our immediate aims are to fight for full access to housing, healthcare, and political representation for all Californians.


To this end, we are currently seeking qualified status with the California Secretary of State. Click here to learn more about party qualification and voter registration. Until then, the California National Party intends to run candidates, especially at the local level, who will advance our policies and foster the strengthening of our California identity, all while working within our communities to make the lives of all Californians better today.


Please join us in helping to build a better future for California!

Our Core Values

Individual rights


Social responsibility

The rights, language, culture, and history of the individual must be respected and protected from intrusion by the state, as well as other individuals. All individuals have equal rights to choose how to live their own lives, and the social responsibility to accept the rights of all other individuals to do the same.

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