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"...Gavin Newsom's most fascinating recall foe!"


— Eric Ting, SFGATE



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Michael Loebs for California

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"The two-party system can no longer solve California's problems. It is time for a party and a candidate who will work for pragmatic solutions instead of partisan bickering."

Michael Loebs is a university lecturer in political science, an organizer with the California National Party, and a life-long Californian who is ready to represent the interests of our home in the 21st century.


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 Practical Solutions 

 NOT Ideology

  • Universal Basic Income + Negative Income Tax

  • Break the Healthcare Bureaucracy with Medi-Cal For All

  • Protect our rights, environment, and resources for all Californians

  • Pragmatic, county-based gun regulation and gas tax

  • Government reform, with greater representation and local decision making


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The California National Party is the only political party devoted to the interests of California. We are united behind a platform of economic growth that serves all our people, with the protection of our rights, resources, wealth, and natural environment.